Library TV Shows - No Video

I just started playing around adding content to the library. Everything looks and works as expected, except there is no video when playing (can hear the audio). Works fine from the web browser. What am I doing wrong?

On what device?

2nd gen FireTV

Second gen FireTV box? Like late 2015 second gen?

Yes. No built in mics.

Any ideas???

Submit diagnostics after playback from the app


Need client diagnostics from the android app

Sorry, wasn't sure which you'd need... just sent.

No playback attempt visible in the logs..

I let it play for about a minute... how long should I let it go for before stopping it?

The logs are empty so I guess maybe we can't get them on these ancient FireOS 5 devices.

Would having the app on the SD card (current setup) make a difference? I can try moving the app to internal storage.