Limit number of concurrent streams?

I've seen lots of discussion in the past regarding the number of concurrent TVE streams, but it was always with regard to whether or not the providers imposed a limit, or whether certain hardware would be capable for a certain number of streams.

My question is kind of the opposite...I need a way to intentionally limit the number of concurrent streams the DVR will initiate. My bandwidth is currently limited to 10 Mbps, so I want to tell the DVR to limit the number of concurrent streams to two, so that there is always at least a little bandwidth left for web browsing and other internet usage. Is this possible?

If the purpose is just to ensure there is enough bandwidth for other users on the network, you might be better off looking at the QoS (quality of service) settings in your router. It will assess certain types of network data based upon rules you set, such as making sure your Channels DVR can only use up to 75% of the bandwidth, etc.

Yes, QoS is certainly an option I have considered. Thanks for the suggestion. But my question is whether there is a way to make the DVR impose a limit. That would be a preferable solution for me.

There is not a way to do that with Channels DVR. What hardware are you running the server on? There may be some options there. Of course limiting the bandwidth while not limiting the number of recordings will probably just cause failures, I’m afraid.

This is what I was thinking as well, which is why I don't think QoS is the right solution...the DVR would know nothing about the bandwidth limitation so it would keep trying to start new streams when there is no bandwidth available.This is why I am wanting the DVR to impose a stream limit.

Devs, please consider this a feature request :smile: :crossed_fingers: