Limit on number of channels in a Channel Collections being sortable?

It seems like there is a limit of about 350 on the number of channels in a collection before that colleciton will stop being sortable. Once I get over that number the Sort By [Channel Number] function on the Channels collection page stops working. My quick method of counting the number of channels in the collection is to search on 'remove' in the browser. Can this limit be increased?

What happens?

Now, I can't recreate the issue. When it was failing, I would not see the confirmation popup and it would not resort the list by channel number, but since I can't recreate it, nevermind.

I believe the issue is when a channel becomes no longer available from a source. If you remove the no longer available channels the list will sort again. I wish we could sort with them in the list, because sometimes they are hard to find. I've had this problem several times.

Maybe an option for the sort drop down to remove invalid/missing channels would be nice. You know for those very large collections, versus seek and destroy.

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That may very well be the issue I was seeing. I had cleaned up my large channel collection removing all the No Longer Available channels and then I could not recreate the issue. I search for 'no longer' in the web browser to find the unavailable channels, but an option to remove them would be nice.

@dvrbob , thanks so much! this had been bothering me for a while and I keep hoping a new update would fix it, but it didn't. I've just been resorting to dragging the new channels to their rightful place until today!