Lip Sync Issues Only on Recorded TV

Does anyone experience issues with lip sync issues when watching recorded content? When watching live content through my PrimeHD tuners, everything is fine. The issue occurs both with my Google TV w/chromecast plugged into my AV receiver and with my Stream 4K plugged directly into another TV.

The sync seems to be fixed it you fast forward for 30 seconds. I know there have been issues in the past, and wasn't sure if these ever got resolved.

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I have had it happen to me after I resumed watching a 2 hour show that was past the half way point. I finally had to close the app and restarting watching from the beginning. This was on a 4K FireTV Stick.

I've had it happen both ways.

I had this issue in the past with recordings when surround pass-through was enabled. I worked with support in beta a few updates back and they resolved it generally in my situation. I'm using chrome cast with Google TV and AV receiver.

Yes me too on the Apple TV 4K (2021 model)