List of Tags, Categories, Genres, etc

Is there a listing of all of the different Tags, Categories and Genres that the guide data might return? When crafting advanced rules that match multiple shows, it might be nice to know what the options are. (For instance, I believe "Premiere" is a Tag, which might be nice to use when creating rules to record all of the Fall or Spring premieres to determine which programs I may want to continue watching.)

Also, are there any plans to use the Cast/Role guide data (to create rules to record all movies starring a particular actor or directed by a particular director)?

I guess it could be cool if the advanced rule creator auto-completed available options when you started typing..

Currently guide search db doesn't store cast info. We have been hesitant to add more since the db is pretty big already. But we are also looking into some search db optimizations which will help cut down size and improve speed.

Until there is auto-complete, any chance of getting a list?

Thanks for that. Is there an API endpoint to collate the Genres or Categories? Or would some creative investigation and jq filtering be necessary to compile a list?

There's no easy way right now. I plan to add an api to list available options (called facets in search db terminology) which can eventually be used to power autocomplete as well.

Is there an API for this?

There is a new API in v2019.10.24.2035: http://x.x.x.x:8089/dvr/search/fields/Tags

And there's also auto-complete in the advanced pass editor now:


This is cool. Is this something you may eventually add to the normal 'Search' field? I would love the ability to search for Premiers, New, or just normal categories like Comedy.