List Refresh Needed

FireStick 4K/Windows 10 server.

Each morning I come down to the kitchen and turn on the TV to start watching a recording that is currently in progress while I brew and drink some coffee.

The problem is that the list of recordings that comes up, does not contain the show I want to watch. I have to get out of "Recordings" to some other menu item, and then back into "Recordings" to then select the show I want.

What I think is what is needed is a remote command to refresh the current screen. This could be a "Long Press" on some key or anything else that would work to refresh the list without having to do numerous key presses (before I've had my coffee).

No, this is a bug. It should handle refreshing itself.

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This has been a bug for as long as I have had channels. Annoying but not the end of the world.

I have been using Channels for 10 weeks. As of yesterday, I have gotten through all of the issues that really mattered to me. Now, I have reached the annoying ones. This is my most annoying one because I have to deal with it every day and I'm very grumpy in the morning before I've had my coffee.

Channels is so good, there is no reason to not strive for perfection.

This is how it is on all of my android devices. It works fine on ATV

When you turn on the TV, the Channels app is already running and the Recordings tab is already selected and visible?

I'll test later tonight and let you know

When I turn on the TV, the FireStick 4K home screen is showing, then I select Channels, and it goes to the list of recordings with the currently recording not showing. I have to back out of recordings, bring up another screen, and then back to recordings to see the show I want to select.

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Every once in a while, when I go from the FireStick home screen to Channels, I get a short pop-up saying that Channels is loading. However, most of the time, it goes right to Channels with any "Loading" message.

This leads me to believe that when I exit Channels on the FireStick the night before, the FireStick is still running a copy of Channels, and just resumes where it left off the next morning and does not do a refresh.

I'll see if I can do some more testing.

This should be fixed in the latest apk beta.

Great! Super! Wonderful! I upgraded, but will not know until tomorrow morning if it works.

Now I'm down to only one known bug (random playback hangs).

Works Great!

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