Lists not refreshing

This is happening on TvOS as well as iOS. I’ve noticed recently that the “Up Next” and “Recently Recorded” lists aren’t updating when the app is launched or switched to. Moving to a different “tab” and coming back forces them to refresh.

I've noticed this as well on ATV recently,

Similarly, I've noticed that after deleting a show, it will disappear from Up Next, but sometimes stays listed in Recently Recorded.

This seems to be the normal behavior on Nvidia Shield, I just assumed it was working as designed. I would prefer it do a refresh as soon as a show is deleted. Not sure if there is some technical limitation why this isn't possible?

After I watch and delete a few shows, I will often switch to a different tab, and then go back into the Recently Recorded shows just to cleanup the list. I know the devs plan on working on the UI, hopefully this is something they can tweak as well.

This is a bug. It started in Nov / Dec. I’ve reported it and they were looking into it...others may want to report it as well so there’s better awareness this issue affects others too. Hoping for a fix soon, but you should make the devs aware.

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