Little Help on Getting Everything Running

Ok, this system has really intrigued me, and I am trying to get up and running.

I have been buying multiple things, to get everything going, but just want to make sure I am clear on everything.

Currently I have a Nvidia Shield set up as my DVR. This isnt going to be permanent, but for now, I just wanted to see how it worked. On my shield, everything is running great. I was able to add Fios, Locast and Hulu TV to the app. And am able to pause, record live TV. I pay for the $80 TV Everywhere.

Now, here is where I get a little confused. I then went to set up my Fire TV 4k stick. And I got a message that an HD Homerun is needed to send my signal to it? Where would I place the HD Homerun in the network? Could it just go anywhere?

Also, which HD Homerun would work. I currently have the HD Homerun Prime, with the cable card slot. I am not going to use a cable card, but could i use this to send the signal to my other rooms in the house? I'll buy whatever I need to , i just want to make sure I am getting the right stuff.

You don't need an HDHomeRun if you have all of those other sources.

The Channels app on your Fire stick should have discovered your Channels DVR Server over the network and just worked. Did it not?

Show a screenshot of what you see when you open the app. Also, make sure the Fire stick is on the right WiFi network and not on a Guest network.

Thank you for the reply.

Yes I already have all the paid services, Fios, Hulu, Locast. I just want to be able to stream them to multiple rooms in the house. If I dont want an Antenna, I wouldnt need the HDHomerun then? That is what I was thinking, but just wasnt clear. Especially after I got that error message that I needed an HD Homerun to stream.

I will send you a screenshot when I get home today.

But just to be clear. If I already subscribe to Fios, Hulu, and Locast. I can just add them, and they should stream to other areas of the house. From my Nvidia Shield server?

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Yes, if you have added those TVE sources to your Channels DVR server, then you will be able to stream them to other areas of your home via Apple TV, Fire TV, and Nvidia connected clients. Keep in mind that it will only work for stations that support TVE. In other words, not all stations that you get in your packages will be available in Channels DVR.