Live stream not stopping

I don't know if it's a Channels update or An Apple tv update, but live tv doesn't stop streaming. Right now I'm at work and ABC news is still streaming from last night. Channels wasn't the last app I used and it seems like when I start my Apple tv it automatically opens Channels and plays live.

Hmm not seeing this behavior on my Apple TVs. Are you using harmony or some other kind of automation remote that could start the app on its own?

Seems like it's back to normal. Thought it was an update to TVOS, since The Spectrum app now plays the live stream while surfing the app. My server is sill showing this. Not sure where it's coming from

Watching ch6767 from (Starting)

That looks like an external IP address. Have you been accessing the DVR remotely lately?

That's what I was thinking... How do I give my nephew access

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