Live TV HDHomeRun

When I watch TV using the HDHomeRun tuner it appears that the Apple TV is not connecting/using to the DVR. Typically when I watch live HDHomeRun TV activity will show in the Admin pages and logs, but this appears to not be happening now. Please let me know if I'm doing something wrong as I have a fear this would cause some conflicts specifically when recording.

Do you have tuner sharing enabled on the client device?

If that setting is off, then the client direct connects to and streams from the HDHR, and the Channels DVR Server does not touch the data stream.

With Tuner Sharing enabled, the data stream is passed through the Channels DVR server, then to the client.

Unless u have limited tuners available and more users that will be active than avialble tuners, I suggest keeping Tuner Share off.

I don't think is has any advantages other to "Share" the data stream of a client already tuned to that channel, to an other client.

It also allows the DVR to share the connection while it’s making a recording. In my experience it’s been very seamless and helps ensure you don’t run out of tuners. I leave it on on all of my clients as a result.