Live tv not working on apps

i cannot play live tv on my apple tv / ipad but can watch recorded shows.. but will let me watch live tv on nvidia shield that my server is on... even though i am on the same network, i have recently changed internet providers and have tried working it out but unable to fix the issue... any help would be great.

When you changed ISP's did they give you a new router? Did the IP address for your tuner change? If so, you may need to reconfigure it in Channels.

yeah i got a new router…i set up the port forwarding etc… how do you reconfigure it in channels please?

You need to set up your HD Homerun again just like you did in the beginning. First configure the Homerun device -- probably not a lot to do there, just access it, make sure it is working and record the IP. Then remove the old source from Channels and add it again with the new IP address. After that you should be working again.


tried all that lol, just cancelled and deleted the server been trying 2 days not worth the headache :joy:

Well, at least you hung in there for twenty days before giving up. Solid effort.

i have reinstalled everything again and it worked this time, thanks for your help.