Live tv pause


Just watching live tv with shield tv and using a cable card in my hd homerun prime and next thing i know the thing will pause for a split second


Does the brief pausing occur only within the first minute or two of tuning to a channel, or does it continue to happen even several minutes after tuning to the channel?

The former is normal -- to make tuning as fast as possible, Channels doesn't wait very long to buffer the video stream from the HDHomeRun before displaying video. This means that brief stutters may occur whenever Channels does not have enough data buffered to decode the next frame on time. Those brief stutters give Channels time to expand its buffer, which makes those stutters less likely to happen again -- this is why after a minute or two the stuttering should stop happening.

If you're still seeing pausing/stuttering after about a minute or two of watching, then you may have an actual network or signal problem.


There's another thread about this problem too. I have the same setup: Shield with HD Home Run Prime/CableCARD and the split-second pause is annoying as heck!! Doesn't occur on recorded DVR programs, only when watching channels live. Dev's haven't responded to the other thread yet, so I can't say if this issue is still being worked on.


Strange i do not get this using apple tv just with my shield tv.


I know I've been having what I thought was signal issues on shield. Used my wifes ipad with channels and it worked flawless, even as my shield was still stuttering. I'm using just an antenna. Got an apple tv and ZERO issues. Oh I love you and hate you.