Live TV pretty much unwatchable

I don’t know what’s happened, but over the past few weeks my live TV has become pretty much unwatchable. Skips, stutters, jerky motion any time the camera moves, dialogue going out of sync or plain disappearing. What used to be a family friendly solution is now indefensible. Nothing has changed on my end, and channels works fine on other devices throughout our home, but on the Apple TV it’s a mess. I wonder if it’s the newer version of TV Os. I even bought a filter after reading a thread on here but it didn’t have any effect.

I’ve submitted the logs.

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Submit diagnostics after watching

Hi, how do I find the saved diagnostics file?

It gets submitted automatically to channels devs.

Ah ok thanks. Then I’ve already done it.

The diagnostics you submitted don't show any video player activity

I agree.... I see the same issues. It will be smooth and then you skip a commercial and it gets jumpy. Have to leave and go back in then it's smooth again.