Live TV remote view issues


I've been searching for a "how to" on remote viewing live TV using the app but can only find a few DVR articles, not specifically for live viewing.

First question - can you use the channels app to live view remote?

Second question - any help on the settings I would need to make in my network to do this?

I opened up a port for HDHomerun (I use a connect duo) last night and that now allows me to view the live tv guide in the app but if I select any channel, I get a "Tuner Not Available" message.

Hoping this is a simple user error since I can see the full, live guide.

The family travels regularly and we would love to watch while away from home on an app that moves faster than Plex streaming.



The Channels DVR server allows for remote viewing of live tv, with proper authentication and transcoding to reduce bandwidth usage.

You can open ports 80 and 5004, but then anyone on the internet can connect to your HDHR. A VPN in your home would be better, but neither setup is likely to work well because the hdhomerun video streams are huge and not made for internet streaming.