Live tv stuttering on tvOS


Hi, while watching TV on my apple TV 4k running tvOS 12.1.2, I'm encountering stuttering.

My Apple TV4K is wireless on my Orbi mesh network.

I am running the channels app on my iPad, as well, with considerably less stuttering, but still noticeable.

I tried InstaTV on the Apple TV4K, as well, with considerably less stuttering.

I've rebooted my ATV4K, my router, HDHR, and have updated to the latest firmware on all three.

Any suggestions?


I prefer not to go wired, as my apple TV is far from my mesh satellite, and would defeat the purpose of cord-cutting.


Unfortunately this sounds exactly like a networking problem. Have you done any speed tests to see how fast the network is for your Apple TV?

Mesh networking doesn't do well with HDHomeRun streaming because there's little room for any latency on a live video stream.

I'm curious what cord cutting has to do with not wanting to have a reliable, consistent, networking option like a wired connection. As any fan in the community will tell you...for anything video streaming, having a wired connection is just sound infrastructure for your home.

You should check out Moca 2.0 adapters to get your home network to your Apple TV on a stable and reliable network connection.


You don't necessarily have to go wired. All my streamers are on WiFi and work just fine. But mesh WiFi networks and high-bandwidth streaming have consistently proven to be an unsatisfactory combination.

You have choices. Depending upon the size of your home and access to install wired connections to them: One-or-more good PoE-powered WiFi access points, well-situated, may cover your entire home. I have one such device, almost precisely in the middle of our (small) ranch home, and we're covered corner-to-corner - as well as the basement, the attached garage, out in part of the front yard and driveway, and the patio behind the house. The signal's even useful at the shed ±60 feet from the back of the house.

You might also consider giving powerline Ethernet adaptors a try. I've a pair of _ Comtrend 1200 Mbps Powerline Ethernet Bridge Adapters_ that just arrived on my front porch this morning with which I'm going to experiment. (I want to see if they'll get me networking to the aforementioned shed, but, being as we're about to set low-temperature records over the next few days, I fear that experiment will have to be held in abeyance.)

If you have good coax to the necessary locations, Moca 2.0 adapters, as @maddox mentioned, are another possibility.

Btw: "Cord-cutting" refers to cutting the cord with a cable or satellite TV provider. It has nothing to do with how your home LAN is designed.