Live tv stuttering


while watching live tv, it will pause the video for a while then struggle to catch back up resulting in a lot of images like this one. Latest firmware of hdbomerun quatro tuner, running latest version of tvOS on my Apple TV 4K. No wind clouds or rain at all


Can you submit diagnostics from the app?

Is the Apple TV on WiFi?


This happened to me tonight, but it was just channels 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, etc. and ONLY those channels. Turns out it happens in Plex too (which I only set up for troubleshooting; the Plex DVR is horrible), so I am confident it's the broadcast and not Channels (or even Plex) itself.


This happens to me on all premium channels. Also, I get buffering, the App will shop buffer and start again. About once every 15 minutes. I'm on Wifi 5ghz and have a download speed of 200 so that's not the problem.


I've been getting this A LOT lately, too. Last night, it was so bad I just gave up and exited out of the app and started watching on Plex (which I hate to do because I hate Plex's interface). Seems like it's gotten worse with the last update. I'm using Channels on AppleTV. I live in a major metropolitan city (Chicago) so I doubt it's the antenna signal. Anyway, I hope this gets fixed soon.


I had this issue. I stopped having my plex do live TV. Issue was gone after that.


@rachi It sounds like a network issue. The channels app talks to the HDHR directly and uses a lot more bandwidth. Plex goes via the plex server and is compressed, so it uses less bandwidth.

If your Apple TV is on WiFi, I would recommend trying to hard-wire it.


Hello, I'm getting the same thing as others mention. I'll be watching a live tv channel, then the video freezes, no audio. Then after a couple of seconds, maybe a blip of minor pixelation, slow motion video, audio is fine, then the video is fast forwarded to catch up. This only started happening since the Apple auto update to the latest Channels app. Never a problem, rock solid until until I'd say the premium channels fixes. My network equipment, wifi, settings, etc. are exactly the same. I've tried rebooting the HDHR Quatro, my apple tv's, etc. and it still occurs. Two of my Apple TV's are hardwired and one is 5Ghz (10 feet away from the router).

I can provide debug or logs of what ever if some one can point me to instructions to get them. Thank you!