Loading a channel on AppleTV slow

Hey folks--

I have an AppleTV 4K (2nd gen), and a Flex HDHomeRun. when I select a channel from my tuner to watch, it feels pretty slow--usually in the 5-7 second range. Is this normal? Is there something I can do to speed it up? Running the latest version of the app (5.0)

In activity section it shows no issues I can see: Watching ch105.1 KCTV from strength=100% quality=100% symbol=100% rate=0b/sec

Submitted logs as : 041719c7-0458-469f-a024-5cb5a261f6b9

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Is that only when tuning to ATSC 3.0 channels (channel numbers in the 100's) or all channels?

Good question--I only use channels with ATSC 3.0 channels and TV Everywhere--both are in the same 5-10second range to load.

If it were me (I don't have an ATSC 3.0 tuner) I would try tuning between a couple ATSC 1.0 channels to see if it's faster. You could also bypass Channels DVR by turning off tuner sharing as a test and also compare the Official HDHR app tuning speed.

The Apple TV HD is now old and slow. Channels on it is getting bad. Slow to load, slow to use the guide, terrible with pip, etc.

I replaced them with refurb 4ks gen 2 from apple. All those issues went away.

You’re right—I misspoke. It’s an AppleTV 4K second gen.—updated the original post to reflect.

I don’t have a 4K HDHomeRun, but from what I recall reading the forums 5 plus seconds to tune ATSC 3.0 stations is pretty typical.

You could have picked up an Onn UHD from Walmart for $20 new rather than a refurb Apple. The Onn will run Kodi too unlike Apple devices. Refurbs are for people who hang out on Reddit.

...and ad-supported Onn UHD's are for people who hang out at Walmart.

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Lol, Apple refurbs (from Apple) aside from packaging are indistinguishable from new products. About 1/2 the Apple products I’ve purchased over the years have been refurbished (iPhones, iPads, Apple TV’s and at least one Mac). Never had one single issue. Also they come with full Apple warranty.

That ONN box is a great deal for the price but it’s hardly in the same category as an Apple TV.

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