Local Channels via OTA and Via TV anywhere

I currently get all locals, except PBS, via OTA.
To get PBS I checked the box for Local Networks via TV Everywhere
But doing this moved my 8.1, ABC, channel from 8.1 to 6001 and I have noticed it's on a little of a delay, as compared to the OTA channel.
I am guessing it's using the actual streaming channel instead of the OTA channel.
Is there a way to pick and choose what Streaming locals to use so it does not move the channel number in the guide?
This is on a APPLE TV, if it makes a difference.

Disable the streaming ABC and favor the OTA

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Thank You. That worked. I appreciate you letting me know.

Another solution, change the priority of tuners in your client. It is merging guide entries, and you have your TVE source with the higher priority, so ABC is listed as the TVE channel, not the OTA.

I wish that were true but the HDHR is #1 on the list and yttv is #2.

not on the server, on the client. it definitely works.

The priority lists for input sources is separate between each client, and the server; each has its own list. Make sure you are checking on the client.

You are correct. I made the change there. Thank you.

You are correct. My Apologies. Still learning all of this.

No worries. The split between server and client is a concept that is new for many users, and juggling the differences between what affects the DVR and what affects the clients apps can be frustrating.

This is made more difficult that Channels' origin as a client only app means that integrating it with a server architecture involves trade offs, and has limitations that would not be present were it a client/server DVR from the start. Separate source priorities and merging channels from separate sources into one guide entry is one result of this, and also one that can create the most confusion.

The work to bring everything in line is something the developers are working, but it is difficult to make changes and still keep the clients functioning as long-time users expect. It's a slow process, but I think the current approach is a good one.

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