Local Channels


I have a Himedia Q10 Pro and it works fine. I have closed IPTV service that has over a 800 local channels. My question is, does anyone know how I can get urls or 3mu8 for a few NC and SC local stations not listed in my IPTV service? Not looking just for the news, but programming as well. I'm specifically looking for ABC WLOS Asheville and WPSA CBS, South Carolina, or an up-to-date m3u list for local channel listed in both states. I found one list of both states and went to VLC to test them, but none of them work because it was outdated. Or if someone is willing to show me how to do it myself.

OTA is out since I live in a mountainous area and no indoor or outdoor antenna has ever worked.


This is not the place to ask for IPTV links. Our software is for legal broadcast viewing with antenna and the HDHomeRun software.