Local content help needed

Hello, I need help adding local content.

Have tried to find help by reading the support articles and the community postings etc. but cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.

Running Nvidia Shield Pro where Channels and Plex etc are installed and connected to an external USB drive. I have several movies and tv shows that I want to use Channels to view and manage.

Storage path is /storage/emulated/0

Have tried to "point" the Channels DVR to the files in the Plex folder named TV Shows and have tried copying the movie and tv show files into the respective Imports folder. Nothing has worked and I cannot point to any other storage location folders such as my Windows PC which is on the same network and where I can see and access the storage drive connected to the Shield.

Hoping to get step-by-step instructions, please help!


Did you follow the naming rules for adding local content? Channels Support - Import Your Own Movies and TV Shows

Thanks for the response! Yes, here are the examples.

\\\internal\TV Shows\American Horror Stories S02E07 Makeover 2022.mkv

\\\internal\Movies\The Ice Road (2021).mkv

I have tried adding these to the respective Imports folders and that did not work
I added the folders as a storage path and that did not work

23 Passes
43 Shows
28 Recordings


Last backup 19 hours ago

Storage Paths


/storage/emulated/0/TV Shows


When I try to use the Local Content section and "point" to the folders, I get this error message:
"Local Content directory must be separate from the configured Channels DVR storage directory"

Channels works perfectly for everything else including TVE but really want to be able to use it as the primary for movies and tv shows that I originally had in Plex.

The error you got is trying to tell you what's wrong.
From the documentation Channels Support - Import Your Own Movies and TV Shows
Note: You should have a folder for movies and a folder for TV shows. These folders can not be in your DVR folder where Channels saves its recordings. You can not import movies or TV shows by putting them in the movies or tv folder in your DVR data folder.

What's the IP address of your Channels DVR server? Is it on the same subnet?

What settings do you have on your server? These are mine:


Seems like you need to remove those last two from Storage Paths so you can add them under Local Content

Local Content has to be separate from the DVR content as mentioned

Thanks The folders titled TV Shows and Movies are folders where Plex stored the files. I don't think that they are connected to the Channels DVR data folder/s This is what the folder stack looks like:

You need to look at the DVR web admin UI on the DVR server.
What are the directory paths

Screenshot 2022-11-09 at 09-46-53 Channels Settings

I have removed the storage paths but cannot add them under local content ... unsure of how to do that.
Under local content, I click the + sign by TV Sources, and the folder stack shows and when I select the TV Shows folder that Plex used, I get the error message. "Local Content directory must be separate from the configured Channels DVR storage directory" To me it appears that Channels DVR is only using the folder titled "TV" as that is where all my Channels DVR tv shows are located

Screenshot from your server what I posted


I am in the Channels Settings web admin UI

Basic Setup Enable features and configure tuners
Advertising dvr-shield.local. via 1 network: []


DVR Database Manage your DVR metadata
23 Passes
43 Shows
28 Recordings
Last backup 20 hours ago
Storage Paths

I get the error when trying to add movie or tv sources under local content

Screenshot what the folder stack looks like.
On windows you can use the Snipping Tool if your browser doesn't let you screenshot.

Ideally your storage path should be set to /storage/emulated/0/DVR so that the DVR gets all its data stored separately in one place

I think you should be able to put a file in /storage/emulated/0/Imports/Movies and it will scan in. Does that work now?

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The Movies and TV folders there are where Channels DVR records to.
Every folder you see is under where you told Channels DVR to make its home.


I placed the movie file in the Imports folder in Movies and it worked!
"\\internal\Imports\Movies\The Ice Road (2021).mkv"

I did the same for the example tv show file in Imports/TV folder
"\\internal\Imports\TV\American Horror Stories S02E07 Makeover 2022.mkv"

That did not work. Is the naming wrong?

You need a folder for the show then the episode inside

"\\internal\Imports\TV\American Horror Stories\American Horror Stories S02E07 Makeover 2022.mkv"

Like that?

That worked. Not sure why the movie file did not work before.

I now understand what I need to do and it appears that everything is working the way I hoped for.

Thank you everyone for all your help and answers. This has been very helpful and very much appreciated!