Local content issue with av1 encoded files

As title states I am having issues with playback of local content that is encoded with the av1 codec. Error returned when attempting playback is " Recording Not Found (-20) "

I can play the video files on the same android device using mx player, vlc, or kodi but can not play within the channels app.

Any chance of getting this corrected?

Please use your Channels DVR Server web admin and use Get More Info about the recording and paste it in here.

1 hr 29 min

Bit Rate
2,295,409 bits/sec

File Size
1,515,532,058 bytes

File ID

Streaming Index
Up to date

Track #0: Alliance for Open Media AV1
1920x1080 16:9 23.98fps

Track #1: Opus (Opus Interactive Audio Codec)
5.1 eng 0kbps

Track #2: SubRip subtitle

Please upload the file so we can check it. I believe we already have AV1 enabled. Ah but maybe not on android.

It maybe several days before I can upload something but here are some samples I know are also not playing that you can test with. https://test-videos.co.uk/sintel/mp4-av1

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Has there been any updates on adding .av1 support for Android? I have some youtube downloads with this codec and they are not playing in Channels either.