Local Content not importing

I was wanting to try out the virtual channels. I imported Walker Texas Ranger and it imported fine and added it as a virtual channel. Then I wanted to do a Law & Order channel. I imported that and it doesn’t show inside my library. So I tried Law & Order Criminal Intent and still nothing. So I don’t know what I am doing wrong?

Can you screenshot your local content settings?

This is not correct. It is not possible to import specific tv show directories. You have to add one TV folder which contains directories per show

Gotcha. I have 3 different TV show folders on 3 different hard drives. Can you choose which shows to import because I don’t want to import all the tv shows. That’s why I was picking and choosing.

No, it imports everything.

Yea the only way right now would be to create a new directory that feeds Channels imports, then move/copy things there.

I understand this isn't ideal, and I would like to find a better solution.

Gotcha. Thank you.