Local Content Playback Issue

Decided to give local content a try and added my shared movie folder. I have one move in there at the moment that is a .m4v filename in mp4 format. In the linux server that Channels Server runs on it shows up in the file system just fine with the correct size. In the Channels App on AppleTV or my iPhone it shows 0 min length and won't play. I have Channels 2020.06.16.1927 running on a Ubuntu 18.04 VM in Proxmox. The movie is a standard test file I have used on my Apple TV with several apps like VLC and MRMC.

Please post the View Details screenshot for that movie

Here you go.

I need to see this screen from the web UI:

That makes more sense.

Very strange. Any errors in the Log when it says that?

Can you run mediainfo on the movie and post what it shows

Looking at the log and I think this was my mistake as I had set file_mode=077 instead of 0777 for the fstab entry of my media location. Looking good now and will test playback when I get home.

Cool, that explains it!