Local Content : Please + Shows

Under the " Local Content" Beta I can add my Plex Server Movies folder and it works great. Does not recognize a few titles, but acceptable.

Could you please add TV or Shows so I can include my Plex Server TV folder for shows I already have recorded before using Channels Plus?

I attempted to drag some show folders into the DVR folder, complying with the Channels default layout, but without a means to rescan or rebuild the Channels Database it will not display them.

I would rather eliminate my Plex Server all together since they keep banning projects for Locast to integrate with their Live TV / DVR functionality.

Thank You.

Slated for future implementation. The movie feature is barely alpha quality, and TV shows are acknowledged as a future direction.

If immediate use is needed, stick with Plex or move to Kodi. If you want to stick with Channels, just wait.