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NEW: Videos section under Local Content can be used to import home videos, concerts, music videos and other internet videos without metadata matches

This is a welcome new feature, thanks for adding it! I'm sure there will be lots of questions...the first one that comes to mind is, if we have a folder that we previously added to "TV" but now import more appropriately as "Videos" instead, will we have to re-enter our previous metadata edits to those imports?

I'm thinking specifically about a large collection of concerts I've already imported. Another with music videos. I spent quite a bit of time cleaning up their metadata. What would be the wisest way to move these folders over? Or does it not matter, and I shouldn't bother?

There's no reason to move

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I’ve added my Home Videos via the Videos section on the server UI. However, once I’ve done that I don’t see them anywhere in the server GUI nor in the client.

I’ve checked the logs and don’t see any indication that they were imported.

I’m running the latest betas/pre-releases on both the clients (TVOS and IOS) and server.
Am I missing something?

Does the Log show it scanning the videos in? Were they already scanned in before as TV maybe?

The logs don’t make any mention of them. But, yes, they were previously scanned in at some point.

Are they still in trash? Or did you remove the old sources?

Please submit diagnostics and I will have a look.

They were probably added and removed months ago. I wouldn’t have used trash though. I would have removed the path from Local Content.

Would it make sense to auto-tag movies, TV and videos based upon how they’re added to Local Content?

Diagnostics submitted at 305c31e8-a2d2-4867-ab96-01e781b9e73c

Thanks for looking at this; I appreciate it.

Hi Aman (@tmm1)

Just wondering if there's any update on this. I did see Maddox's post earlier about the new beta and followed the recommendation he gave to another user but I still have the same result - the videos do not show anywhere that I can find in my library nor do I see any reference to them in the logs.

What I did today was to remove the folder from Videos and ran prune. Then I rented the folder and re-added it to Videos. But, they still don't show in the Library.

At this point I won't try anything more as I don't want to make the issue worse.

Any advice?



It doesn't seem to be looking in that share. Maybe its a permissions issue not letting the software read files there?


I've created a new directory 'test' and set permissions to 777 and moved just two videos into it.

This is what I see in the logs now:

2022/03/18 14:02:37.154130 [SCN] Ignoring video with recent modification: /volume1/Channels Share/test/Christmas (2016).mp4
2022/03/18 14:09:40.766610 [SCN] Ignoring video with recent modification: /volume1/Channels Share/test/VERBOLTEN_061717.Title1.m4v

I'm having the same issue of Videos not showing. It doesn't even look like Channels is scanning. I just removed a folder that was previously in Movies local content and added it to Videos. Nothing showed. Added it back to Movies and Channels scanned and added everything back. So it shouldn't be a folder permissions issue. Logs submitted 94a72207-b615-4b76-b68b-881d952748b7

For those that didn't know, the official topic for this is now here


Just wondering if there’s any progress on this issue. Is there anything I can do on my end to resolve it? I’ve tried renaming a couple of the videos but that did not make a difference either.


This is expected for files that were just moved. But five minutes later it should have scanned it in.

What are your local content settings?

Here's a screenshot. It doesn't presently match the log entry because I had tried using a different directory to see if it would make a difference. Unfortunately, it did not.

At this point I've just left it alone for a few days now with no improvement. The atest directory contains a single file: VERBOLTEN_061717.Title1.m4v

Screen Shot 2022-03-20 at 1.05.42 PM

How does the server determine if a file has already been imported? Is it based on a file name or a hash of the file? If name I could try renaming some files to see if that would make a difference.
Is there some way to remove files already imported? I tried prune deleted but that didn't have an impact either.

You can't put files directly into atest.

You need folders in there organized like so:

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Bingo! Thanks!