Local Files - Multiple Servers

I have my Channels DVR set up on one Linux server and all my own movie and TV show videos are on another server. When I go to Local Content in the web interface, I don't see a way to point to a different computer as a video source. I don't have any server software on it other than Samba. Is there a way to access those files on that server? (It's a RAID device, so even though it runs a variation of Linux, I am not sure I can add any kind of server software to it.)

From my understanding CDVR (Channels DVR) local content is just that. Local content
IE. The storage needs to be mounted as a drive to your server. So you would need to map the network storage to your offsite files. Once that is mounted as a drive. You can point to them as local content.

So basically setting my RAID with my media library as a Samba mount on my DVR system would do it?

Should work.

Okay, just wanted to be sure that's what you were suggesting. That was my first thought, but I was wondering if that would mean the stream was going from the Samba server to my DVR server, then to my device, so it might slow it down. I'll try it.

If I forget to report back, that means it worked.

Okay, it's working. My RAID uses their own type of Linux, so I'm limited in what I can put on it, but it does do SMB shares and I mounted the media library on my DVR server and it's working fine now.

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Now that you have local content. Its time to explore virtual channels. Turn your local cobtent into tv stations. Its cool as heck.

Haven't even heard of that. I'm going to have to look into it. Thanks!

Omg omg omg. . . Your so lucky. I envy you. The fun of virtual channels. Its the single coolest feature in a of CDVR. Your going to get hooked.

You have live TV channels. Instead of being live content it is your local content/revordings.

I have about 100 virtual channels. I dont waych live tv. I watch fake live tv. Its soooooo cool.


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