Local Fox Suddenly Missing, Timeouts

I'm running 2023.01.14.0039 and still not FOX via TVE. I have DirecTVnow and when I rescan it doesn't even scan FOX anymore

For locals, you need to toggle the experimental Local Networks via TV Everywhere option checkbox About TV Everywhere to rescan then

Open your Channels DVR web admin UI in a browser using Secure HTTPS.
Toggle [ ] Local Networks via TV Everywhere off, then on.
Your browser should ask you to allow location service and then it will scan your locals.
May take a few minutes, You'll see a spinner as it scans them.


@mcouture follow the steps @chDVRuser laid out. I will add that rescanning during prime time tends to have higher success rates. Particularly for FOX.


Ah yes! toggling the local networks via TV Everywhere did the trick. Thanks!

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Didn’t work for me unfortunately

If you are not in a Fox Corp owned market make sure you toggle local TVE during prime time or when national broadcast are scheduled.

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Fox disappeared from my listings last night. I rescanned channels (around 9PM) multiple times and removed and readded both of my sources (Verizon and YoutubeTV). I unchecked the allow TVE for local channels (only experimental that is checked) and rechecked it. I live in the Philly area and have had Fox working fine since Locast went away. Any ideas on what else I can try? Thanks

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I also lost Fox about a week ago when I deleted and added back my YouTubeTV source to reactive my Discovery channels.

I’m also in the Philly area and tried everything you did above too. No luck and not sure what to try next.

Edit: I just updated to the latest prerelease build and after toggling the Local TVE Channels option I got Fox back after a rescan.

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