Local Media Assets

curious if reading / parsing local media assets is on the roadmap. My local library has been meticulously curated with tmm and it’s rather frustrating that i have any “incorrect matches”. Perplexed that ‘Bluey’ can’t even match, even when i try to manually “fix incorrect match” it only sees some “Bluey Review” show, despite there being a folder full of show metadata nfo, images, actor images in the same folder as the show/seasons.


Floored that Bluey doesn't appear to exist as far as Channels is concerned..

For Bluey
Use this in the Find Match search SH032915210000

seriesID: 16030422
tmsId: SH032915210000
image: https://tmsimg.fancybits.co/assets/p21050559_b_h9_ab.jpg?w=720&h=540

Here's another one SH030600840000
There are some shows like this where the search api doesn't work for some reason

Bluey is famously hard to scan in and is a legend on these forums.

Wondering if those impossible to find Titles are related to no Title language specified in the data coming from Gracenote?

For both of these, SH032915210000 and SH030600840000 it returns
"titleLang": ""

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which is why i was asking about scanning local media assets. i guess gracenote is the only metadata source?

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For imported TV Shows Gracenote is the only source.
For imported Movies we have the choice of TMDB (default) or Gracenote.

They are working on using TMDB for TV Shows, but it's been mentioned it's not a quick fix.

Parsing local nfo file in XML format that’s been media server standard for a decade plus isn’t on the roadmap?

This, plus a few others that had issues from other posts
Appears Channels only searches for or only returns results for titleLang: "en" (English)

title: "Bluey"
titleLang: ""

title: "Bluey"
titleLang: ""

"title": "Ragnarok"
"titleLang": "no"

"title": "Lupin"
"titleLang": "fr-FR"

"title": "Visitors",
"titleLang": "fr-FR",

"title": "Narcos"
"titleLang": "es"

I was going to make a separate feature request on something like this, but found this thread and decided to add my vote and bring it up again.
One reason is that it seems to have gotten mainly focused on the metadata aspect of local media assets which I don't care as much about (but would still be nice). The aspect of local media assets I am most interested in is the poster art for movies (would like it for shows but would also prefer tv shows to be displayed either in poster form or for thumbnails to be 16x9 instead of 4:3).

I wish that Channels would pick up my local art when it is named poster.jpg in the same folder with the movie file. I know I can upload my own artwork but man is that slow when you have almost 1,000 movies to go through one by one.

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I’d like to echo my desire for Channels DVR to look for local assets (poster.jpg, etc.) that are on-disk. I have several different clients that connect to my media library (Plex, Zidoo Poster Wall, etc.) and having them use consistent artwork is really nice.

Plex has been going downhill for years, and I am exploring using Channels DVR as my one-stop-shop for my content. This is one of the big missing pieces for me.

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Alternatively, if there was an API that made it possible to set artwork, I could potentially whip up a script to do this myself.

You can use the Edit Metadata or Update Art options on the web UI. If you look at your browser's network inspector you'll see the APIs you can use to automate it.

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Awesome. I will try and whip something up. Thanks for the reply!

I was able to get something working for my personal use case. It connects to the Channels and Plex APIs, and then sets each movie poster to the URL of the poster in Plex.

I didn’t bother with TV shows, as Channels only supports 4:3 thumbnails on both shows and episodes, with no season art as far as I can tell. Ideally, I’d love to use my standard poster art for shows and seasons, with episodes using the 4:3 format for thumbnails.


@cleverdevil Can you share the script you made

Would also love to see your script