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The folks over at Intel Techniques have compiled a list of local news links and the m3u8s don't appear to expire. https://inteltechniques.com/tools/Video.html Any way we can incorporate these into Channels?

I know the CBS News feeds are already available via TVE, but the quality on the TVE ones are terrible compared to the links this site is using.

You can set up a custom channel for the ones you want to watch. There won't be any guide data, of course, but it should work.

Where do you get the m3u8 info from?

Depending on your browser, you right-click and inspect element or with the newest version of Safari you can copy video address directly.

What m3u did you enter? You need to create one not just put the m3u8

I figured it out, thanks.

Is there a way to force the guide to use the custom feed instead of the TVE feed? I'm getting a terrible picture for CBS News NYC using TVE (320 x 180) vs. custom (1280 x 720).

Any response to this? Namely, why the CBS News feeds are such poor quality?

I imagine the TVE stream Channels is using is the best confirmed free, legal & stable stream they kow of. Maybe they have not confirmed those three items with other stream sources such as the one mentioned in the OP. You also didn't actually provide the m3u8 link you were using for CBS News NY.

I figured out the link and here is a custom channels text snippet that will pull in the stream I gather @Rt9IByWrWotnb9U is seeing from the source in the OP and pull in guide data. And yes, the quality difference is significant.

#EXTINF:-1 channel-id="CBSNWNY" tvc-guide-stationid="123125",NY-CBSNWNY

You can imagine all you want, fact of the matter is their code can be improved - the devs don't need you coming to their defense with conjecture. I didn't provide the m3u8 because 1) it's trivial to find, and 2) it's not just the NY feed; check Boston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Sacramento, Baltimore….

What's happening is when the feed is initially called it loads a lower resolution, then jumps to the higher resolution. You can confirm this by throwing the m3u8 link you posted into VLC. Unfortunately, the TVE feed resolution doesn't jump up.

All I was asking was if it's not possible to update the TVE feeds on their end, would it be possible for me to override feeds on my end. The best solution I've found, which is more of a Band-Aid, is to set my custom channel to the same channel number as the TVE and to set the custom channel as higher priority source than the TVE (see source code below).


#EXTINF:-1 channel-id="CBSN" channel-number="6970" tvg-logo="https://assets.fancybits.co/channels/247channels/cbsn-logo.png" tvg-name="CBSN" tvc-guide-title="CBSN: CBS News New York" tvc-guide-description="CBSN: CBS News New York" tvc-guide-art="https://assets.fancybits.co/channels/247channels/cbsn-logo.png",CBSN 

@psperry Editing to add that you can download the guide data by choosing Manage Lineup on your custom channel, choosing the + sign next to the individual channel, then searching for the channel for which you want pull guide data.

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Sure, use your magic secret M3U as a custom channel, set the channel number to what ever you'd like in that M3U and then go to your TVE provider and disable the TVE version of the channel.

Edit: Ah I see you've figured that out already. Now you've changed the question to include something it didn't before:

See, when you act like a jerk you get responded to in the same fashion. Try being nice and maybe people will respond better.

Reported a couple of times I know about

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Read my other responses. I wasn't a jerk until others who pretended to know something they didn't chimed in. Case in point.

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If you create an M3U source for the CBSN stations, you can get the Gracenote stationID's from a couple API endpoints on your Channels server

For example, New York is "Station": "123125"

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You can send me a PM or email support with the list of channels and correct m3u8 urls and we will fix them.


PM sent

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Looks good. At least the few I checked.
I had a custom M3U Source setup using the links I PM'd you and they they are all master.m3u8's from the horses mouth

Hopefully the new update from @tmm1 fixed that for you

And @psperry reply to setup custom M3U channels answered that one