Local Seattle CBS No Sound - all other locals ok

Why is Local CBS SEATTLE channel without sound? Video fine, just no sound. Using channels on Apple TV with LOCAST. Worked fine yesterday. CBS Seattle Local Sound ok on iMac - just not on AppleTV.

Did you try on Locast app? Could be an issue on their side.

Does rebooting Apple TV help?

Rebooting does not help. Per your suggestion, I’ve tried via Locast app but quite pixelated and choppy sound. Submitted request to LOCAST engineers for fix. Not pixelated in Channels but still no sound. Do you suppose LOCAST engineers must fix their signal first before sound will work on Channels even though video is fine (not pixelated at all)?

Yes it sounds like there's a problem with the feed. Especially if everything was working fine yesterday.

Thanks for the quick replies! Much appreciated. Will keep checking with LOCAST and hope for a fix on their end soon.