Local URL for a Custom Channel Logo

Is there a way to locally host the Custom Channel logo?

Using something like this doesn't seem to work.

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What kind of device is hosting your server?

A Windows 10 PC.

There is not.

Good to know. I spent a few hours without success.


I found a simple solution....Dropbox will work for the logos.

Upload an image and then click the "copy link" to get the URL. Paste into a text file or something. Be sure to then change URL to "https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com" so it bypasses login prompt and remove any text after ".png".


Could you guys add a new setting to specify an assets folder during the custom channel setup process, and then use relative links to any images defined in the m3u file? Sort of like how you are doing with the /tmsimg/assets/ folder for the other channel logos.

Or alternatively (but less appealing) give us a hard coded custom channel assets folder to stick things in.

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I haven't tried, but have you thought of putting your images under the Images/ directory, and using relative paths in your playlist to address them?

Yes this is planned. It will take some time to develop.


Nice hack @koltasi, works great.

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You can upload logos now:

Sorry if I'm just missing it, but is there a way to upload a logo for a custom channel (M3U)? I'm only seeing an option for virtual channel logos.

There isn't a UI to do it with custom channels.

What you could do it upload it into a virtual channel, then copy/paste the url (/dvr/uploads/XX/content) into your M3U like tvg-logo="/dvr/uploads/XX/content"


I'm looking to do the same as alai (upload a logo for a custom M3U channel) but I don't have any virtual channels defined.
Is it possible to do this without any virtual channels, and if so, how?

Under DVR > Manage > Images

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Thanks, that worked.