LocalBTV Question AZTV7.5

I hope someone can help me understand something. I live in Tennessee and grew up in the desert in Arizona. There is a channel that is playing an old tv show from my childhood called The Wallace and Ladmo Show. It is aztv7. I can’t get the channel on my localbtv account because of the geo location stuff…but what I don’t understand is why I can see the channel live streaming when I go to. Live Streaming Courtesy of BTV - AZTV 7. If they stream for free like this..shouldn’t I be able to get their 7.5 channel in my channels as a custom channel somehow?

Sounds like you might be using a vpn on yoru browser.
The channel in question didn't give Localbtv the rights to stream it in your current location.
I think the issue is kind of strange but one has to work with what we have.
I am hoping they will eventually get more streaming rights for different network channels.

I actually do not use a vpn. So not sure what’s going on…but at least I can watch the show I want tomorrow via that streaming page. It’s just wierd

I guess the station worked with LocalBTV to add their two channels 7.1 and 7.5 already available on LocalBTV to the station website. Rather than the station having to invest in infrastructure and support to add it on their own. They don't have to pay LocalBTV.

I can view the streams the OP posted and I'm not in AZ.

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