Locast Geolocation Issue

How is Channels determining location for LoCast? My market was just added, but it says my location "New haven" is not available. I'm in Sacramento/Modesto market... On Locast's website, it detects properly. How can I fix this?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Turn on remote access and try setting it up through my.channelsdvr.net

That worked! Thank you!

I had the same problem - I used the link, deleted the previous config for locast and redid. It then recognized the right location. Thank you!

This doesn't appear to work any longer. My market (Raleigh) was just added, and viewing through locast.org is no issue. But attempting to add Locast as a source in the Channels DVR server setup first asks me to authorize location services, then no matter if I allow location or deny, Channels reports that the locast service is not available in Raleigh.

The Raleigh market has not yet been added to Channels. New Locast markets must be manually added by the developers; they do not automatically appear.

Since this market only came online earlier today, a little patience is necessary for the new market area to be added.

You need the prerelease for Locast Raleigh

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As always, thanks for your prompt response! Indeed, the (lack of) prerelease was the issue.