Locast issue on sub-channels

I'm running Channels DVR 2019.10.25.2021, I have Locast setup for Sioux Falls, SD, all the major networks (Fox, ABC, CBS, CW, NBC, PBS) play just fine but none of the 10 sub channels play, the log error message is similar for all the channels that don't play,

2019/10/26 12:00:57 [ERR] Failed to start stream for ch5905: Locast: m3u8 was not a master playlist: https://acdn.locastnet.org/variant/hixHpXolnrztIzVpTHgjtMCcFEWEAKEPSNh8epg68TInpMftkRpslC05ZvXq8HS8P7VmqCoAtIDIrIZu8ZURAQ==.m3u8

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Should I put this in a different area?

I ran into this yesterday while troubleshooting a different issue. Primary channels played fine from Locast sources, but subchannels (ie, what's broadcast on 4.2, the SD stream of CoziTV in my case) errors out with the "not a master playlist" error.

Is that error coming from Channels, or from ffmpeg ingesting the stream?

This is a bug in Channels. We are looking into it. We don't use ffmpeg on these streams.

Thanks for the update

A fix for this issue is being uploaded as v2019.10.29.1947

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Installed the new update, tried a few channels and it works great. Thanks!

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Thanks. Fixed mine too.

WI have what may be more that one issue, but there are similarities in what I’ve seen and what was reported here.

I’m in a NYC suburb. I see several channels in the guide that when I try to watch I get an error message similar to the following:

Error: Locast: m3u8 was not a master playlist: https://acdn.locastnet.org/variant/wONob50j3PA-2OUtVLVTblS-gA3bLvg9Gzwm7rIaATuSbpNs3t6k8BrpnY09fNVxXhwfNvxZ68p5AVblDVuih03f1lI5CtKzvkPShi6ge8U=.m3u8

I also do not find any sub channels where I would expect to see them. The attached image depicts a view of my OTA lineup with examples where I have sub channels that are not in my locast lineup.

Also there are missing channels outside of sub channels missing from my lineup. For example, my OTA lineup includes roughly 60-70 channels among which are channel 21 and sub channels and channel 55 and sub channels. None of these channels appear in my channels dvr lineup from locast.
OTA Lineup

Locast Lineup

This error is fixed in the latest pre-release. To update click-and-hold the Check for Update button.

You can check what Locast supports on their website.

Thank you for the response and assistance. I followed your instructions related to “ Error: Locast: m3u8 was not a master playlist:”. A quick test confirmed the update corrected the issue.

I’ll followup with locast regarding the other issue.

seems to be a similar issue with the new update 5/19/2020?

Please go to Help -> Submit Diagnostic Logs from the web interface of the DVR and let us know when it's been submitted so we can have a better idea of what was going on.

logs have been submitted Logs have been submitted as 227c61fb-097f-4b61-8b0d-a22f09b197ec