Locast Login

When trying to add locast i get "unexpected end of JSON input".
I can login and watch via the Locast website fine.

Can you click Help > Submit Diagnostics

Logs have been submitted as 1f2705be-a9ad-4c2d-961e-98b14d1712c6

Could you take a screenshot of the error? I'm not seeing anything in the logs so we may need to improve logging somewhere...

btw, I also noticed that you had a bunch of network issues today that impacted recordings.

Hi Eric,
Yes nearly everything i record on local network streams have errors.Probably 90% which is why i am trying to load locast again as i rarely had any issues with them.

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What Locast area are you in?
Didn't know Australia had Locast service?

Are you using a VPN or similar service? The screenshot seems to indicate you're in AU.

If so, this is probably the cause of your issues. Locast is geo-restricted to only certain select US media markets.

In the latest DVR pre-release I've made a small improvement to the error message to help us track down which request is failing with this so we can provide a more informative error message.

Thanks Eric still no luck

Can you provide a screenshot of the error message?