Locast observations

Using Locast out of Baltimore and noticed two things with it...

First, generally the volume on Locast channels is lower than compared to either OTA or TVE. Switching to Locast requires, at least for me, to increase the volume in order to hear well.

Second, WJZDT and WJZDT2 have no audio when watched in either TVOS or IOS. However, watching from the web interface the volume is fine though it is out of sync with the video by 10 secs or so.

Otherwise, looks good including the fix for the sub-channels.

Volume issues are likely because of how locast is downmixing surround to stereo on their end. Is the volume comparable in their own app?

How about in their website or app?

Unfortunately, I’m not in Baltimore right now so I can’t say for sure about their website or app on either point.

I am in Baltimore. WJZ is Baltimore CBS, reception is VHF broadcast HD 1080P with Surround Sound. OTA bitrate is approximately 20mbps. They do have an option on their website that looks like you can view live, but it doesn't stream and just shows an image with "13 WJZ Please Stand By". Given this, the Locast stream is not coming from the website, it is coming from a radio antenna and being remixed/downgraded by Locast to fit it into a small bitrate that they can stream. Since its a Locast issue (the OTA broadcast is perfect), it probably needs to be fixed by Locast.

Thanks for the info. I’ll reach out to Locast.

Regarding no audio and out of sync.

I am in LA and had the same problem with multiple channels. I contacted them and they said they need to "reset" (I think) the channels. And after it solved the problem. Did not take long to resolve.

Mine self corrected overnight. Not sure how or why but it’s all good for now.