Locast play problem w/2 channels

I'm in the Sioux Falls, SD market with Locast and there are 2 channels that won't start to play on my Nvidia Shield and Pixel 3aXL, the channels are 5908 and 5909. When I use the web player these channels play just fine.

What happens when you try to play them?

It acts like it will start, but just sits there. After I posted this topic I played with it some more, the progress bar looked like it was recording so I skipped ahead and it would play, but there wasn't any sound.

I tried these 2 channels on Locast's website and there is video and audio sync issues so it looks like their problem. Sorry to trouble you.

I have a similar issue with ABC...A message is on the screen saying it is unable to retrieve these files...Check back again...But it never works.