Locast replacement

Does anyone think there will ever be a service like Locast again. I found it 3 months before they handed in the towel. They were exactly what I needed. I don’t watch a lot of network TV to warrant paying each network. Unfortunately there is a moutain between me and all my local stations, so an antenna will not work. It was the perfect solution.

The only organization I have heard about attempting this is LocalBTV.

The are trying to work with the major networks to get permission to stream them

People have mentioned this before in other threads. The only official response I saw was that because it doesn't have the major networks and only the subchannels that it wouldn't be a good replacement for Locast. I both agree and disagree with that assessment.

While it's true that I mainly used it for the networks and I'm sure many others did, I'm sure there are others who really enjoyed the subchannels and would like to get them back. I get them through TV everywhere, and LocalBTV isn't available for me so it doesn't make a difference to me. But with the loss of PBS due to encryption, it would be good to consider adding it again. Many of the LocalBTV areas include PBS, and they are trying to work with the networks to add the main local networks as well. How successful they would be I don't know. They also have some local foreign language channels which may be of interest to some users.

Thank you for the responses. I just downloaded the LocalBTV App and do see the one show I used to watch on the sub channels. That gives it value. As for the network show that I like to have access to…maybe some day.

Puffer.edu is the closest, but you are limited to central California