Locast Suspends Service/Need Help with Home RUn

I am extremely sad that Locast has halted operations. With that being said, I still love the Channels DVR. Can someone help me how to understand how I can use this Channels DVR with an OTA antenna please?

Much appreciation.


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You can remove yourself from my thread please. I found your response very disrespectful and rude.


If you have an Antenna and can hook it up to your TV... I would start there to see what kind of channels you receive in your area.

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I have done that and was quite impressed with having 54 channels! It's like getting free basic cable! What next? If you don't mind me asking.

HDHomeRun FLEX 4K - SiliconDust

Will give you 4 tuners there is also a 2 tuner version.

You just hook it up to your network.... and Antenna.

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Go to https://rabbitears.info/searchmap.php , and post the results (there should be a shareable URL near the top of the page). Lots of OTA experience here that can help.

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Thanks Edwin!

Silicondust is a very happy company right now

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well this is BS.
was using Locast for the few hard to get channels my antenna cant get well.
and as primary source for recording since ota files are so huge.
the email did not say anything about why they decided to shut down after yesterdays email saying they were just going to stop the ad and donate interrupt messages.
this is what i get for paying for 1yr of their add free service.
there wasn't anything in the so called judgement about them having to shut down, just stop asking for so high a $ donation.

@speedingcheetah my assumption is that they saw the writing on the wall from the ruling and figured it was better to get out now. I'm also assuming they decided to suspend operations because a lot of people that were donating probably decided to stop donating once the 15-minute interruption was removed. It's sad because this is a service that was sorely needed for a lot of people.

Kept my Donation on...and I would hope that people who saw how old it was would have done the same. I bet there lawyer recommended it as removing the ads did not change ruling :frowning: Sad day for all of us!

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Maybe they didn't what to explain the 2 million dollar profit

I tried to make the point in another thread that the ruling against them was far more serious than people seemed to realize, but I wasn't able to persuade those who thought that this was only a preliminary, minor setback. Their suspension today doesn't really surprise me. I think their chances on appeal are not good and they don't want to risk incurring even higher damages.

The reality is they aren't poised for a long-drawn out legal battle. Having $2 million to devote for the lawsuit isn't that much when you consider what the broadcasters were pouring into the lawsuit. And without the revenue coming in due to having to stop asking for donations, they won't be able to keep their operations afloat. Truly a sad day.

What costs? Court? Locast is run by lawyers that practice in this type law.

Time is money ... Even if it is run by Lawyers challenging a Lawsuit that they will probably lose costs money.

Like the 2 million they made. Are they giving the donations back?

That was probably spent in equipment and expanding to other markets ... I bet they did not make much of a profit. 2 Million is a drop in the bucket... not much to go up against the broadcasters. they got caught turned tail and ran left dontators/subscribers hanging.

Reminds me of SD Premium TV fiasco.


We don't know what they spent it on. Could be some cars and Jewelry in there.

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