Locast/TVE and commerical skip

Hello Channels Beta Community,

I am a new user of channels dvr but I seem to be a power user right from the start and noticed a few issues because of my heavy usage.
For my video server I am using a Intel Core i7 10th gen processor on windows 10.
For my NAS its a Synology DS218j.
Channels Plus account.
Using Directv account for TVE getting 161 channels
Using Locast for local getting 47 channels
Not using HomeRunDVR at all even though I purchased one.

I immediately started setting up season pass for all the content I wanted to record.
Currently I have 90 passes and 1130 scheduled recordings.

Because I am using locast and TVE there is no tuner limit.
I see this probably was not originally the intended way of using channels.
I recorded as many as 20 items simultaneously with commercial detect on.
Obviously because commercial detect only works on one file at a time I overwhelmed this process.

Is there a way to just pick at the time of scheduling if you want commercial detect for a particular recording or is this just a global only option?

I actually only want commercial detect just for movie recordings all the sports stuff and talk shows I can simply skip commercials manually. (My suggestion as new feature for power users)

Hopefully this was a useful post for those using channels in a similar fashion.

On the dvr web UI, you can turn off commercial detection on a per-show basis by finding the show on the Recordings tab.

This is probably still annoying for your use case, but is currently the only way to achieve the desired result.

I take it commercial detect still in beta form.
I used the describe method for this particular movie and no commercials detected.
This definitely had commercials.

What do the contents of the referenced "comskip.log" file say? That will indicate what happened with the commercial detection process.

Also, remember that while commercial detection is done within the Channels interface, it is actually a separate piece of software. For more information about the commercial detection software, check out Comskip.

There are several different parts of a file that are analyzed to determine where commercial breaks are, and depending upon the types of programs you record, tweaking may be necessary in order to enhance detection.

Here is the link to the "comskip.log".
Thanks for all your help.

I'm having a heck of a time getting that file to load, but I think that's a Google Drive issue.

In any case, a quick look seems like the problem is with the recording itself. Fox has been known to have issues with encoding in the past, and this is probably just another example of their settings not being correct on the encoder.

Can you upload the recording log for that file somewhere? You'll see a "View Log" button in the same menu as Edit Commercials