Looking for a New DVR Service

I am looking for another DVR service. My card was declined and the service was stopped the day it was declined. So in addition to the other bugs I have to go running to my PC to put in a new card

How much free use do you think you should get in the case you stop paying / card is declined? The live channels still worked right? It wasn't shut off completely, only the paid service stopped due to non-payment.

EDIT: There are other DVR services you could try. Your cable provider probably even offers a service.

I agree that perhaps an email a month prior to the renewal (for annual subscriptions) would be nice—many services do this—but I fail to see how that is a bug.

Also, unless there are bugs you have reported directly to the developers, you haven't posted about any bugs in the software here. I don't know if any DVR solutions that make remote access as easy as it is with Channels; Tvheadend can be remotely viewed and accessed, but it is nowhere near as smooth as Channels' implementation. Also, the only DVR software that has decent conflict resolution is WMC. (IIRC, MythTV has some, too, but it is not nearly as seamless as WMC.)

There's supposed to be a 7-day grace period after a credit card failure. Sounds like there might be a bug where that's not working as intended.

I would expect some sort of grace like every other bill in the world. Your Car is not repossed the moment you miss a payment. Nor is your cable bill shut off the moment you miss a payment. And NO THE LIVE Channels is not working even after paying the Bill so Bill Paid and NOTHING works. Thats why I would expect a grace so I have to wait for it to sync up or email them and wait for service. And yeah the cable box is sounding better and better

I've reported the remote bug it was never resolved so I lost confidence in reporting other bugs. Most issues are resolved by restarting or uninstalling and reinstalling the program.

If you fixed your card on https://getchannels.com/account, then you can open and it should fix the DVR.

Judging from the few posts on the subject, your issue was not related to the software, but that you couldn't figure out how to configure your network for remote access.

As far as your billing issues, there is indeed a grace period, and the developers responded quite quickly with a resolution for that issue.

I still don't see any bugs that affected you, though.

There are two issues:

  1. My card declined today - stopped working today and took hours of troubleshooting to get back up

  2. Remote Access still does not work after trying everything suggested by the developer and the threads in the fourm. I posted that it still wasnt working and got no response. I'd be happy to forward the thread to you since you seem to have all the answers

For remote access you have to login to your Comcast router and add a port forward for TCP 8089 going to, and then check on portchecker.co to see if it reports 8089 as open. You can google for the model of your router plus "port forward" for more instructions and screenshots on what to do.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We were able to find the bug preventing our grace period from working and have fixed it.

If you're having issues with remote access, best thing is to email [email protected] and we can work with you to figure it out. Attaching your router model and setup will be helpful. If you have both a cable router and your own router, that might be causing the issue.

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What are the other Services? Besides CAble

There is an HDHR DVR you can subscribe to through Silicon Dust.

Not requiring HDHR, you could use TIVO.

And there are quite a few streaming services such as DirecTV Now, YouTube TV, you can google it.

You can always use Plex or emby? those are the two main ones I've used for years the only reason I switched to channels DVR is because I could also link my Dish tv listings to my OTA channels as well and I can't do that with those.