Looking for recommendations with AndroidTV

I work with several cable providers for their local channel insertions. Entrance/lobby camera, local gov feeds & info channels like the ones at hotels. A master planned community signed with a streaming provider who doesn't have the capability of adding local feeds. So they asked if we can come up with something.

If I could wave a magic wand?

  • An app on the Google play store for Android TV. White label would be nice but not a deal breaker.

  • Resident installs app and is prompted to enter a code that determines what streams they should be able to see. A code is needed because they're seniors. Entering a URL or registering is not ideal.

  • There should be a unique code for each unit. They want to be able to make sure anyone that moves out no longer has access.

  • it would be nice if the codes can be managed by the property manager from an online spreadsheet. This way it doesn't fall on us.

  • streams originate from hardware encoders located at various entrances, local city hall and I think a clubhouse and activities center.

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OP does appear to be a DVR user.

@Dimitri1177 we do not offer custom development services unfortunately. I guess you could maybe use a HDHR TECH tuner and feed your custom feeds into that, but it would likely not be the solution you're looking for.

Sounds like you need to find an Android developer to make a custom app for you.

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Yeah it's looking like that. Was thinking there may be a chance of finding one here that's looking to take on new clients. Thanks man.