Lost CBS Local (channel 6003)

In redoing by TVE I noticed that I lost my CBS station with the following error:

2021/05/27 15:54:28.262353 [TVE] action=cbs_station err=json: cannot unmarshal string into Go struct field .stations of type int

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Fix in prerelease v2021.05.27.2202

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updated to latest pre-release and still no CBS on Hulu live.
rescan gives error: stream - info error
log gives this error : 2021/05/27 16:47:54.342472 [TVE] action=cbs_stream data={"success":false,"message":"NOT_AVAILABLE"}
Grateful for any suggestions.
Logs submitted as 628fb340-ab8c-4bd8-9cc3-f60ad1711e24

That means its not available on https://www.cbs.com/live-tv/stream/tveverywhere/

They probably removed it for your local station to promote Paramount+

I am able to login to CBS.com and view with Hulu.

Try in chrome incognito window, go to https://www.cbs.com/live-tv/stream/tveverywhere/ login with Hulu and verify it works.

Working currently viewing KIRO7 local news (incognito window).
Also CBSN and CBS Sports HQ both working with Hulu through channels.

I'm in the same area, there was some problems last night with the channel. I was forced to hide the channel and enable the locast version of it instead.

2021/05/26 22:03:50.140363 [ERR] Failed to start stream on channel 6003 via TVE-Hulu: TVE: invalid character '<' looking for beginning of value
2021/05/26 22:03:50.140363 [DVR] Error running job 1622091300-7 S.W.A.T.: could not start stream on channels=[6003]: TVE: invalid character '<' looking for beginning of value

My entire log was filled with similar errors from the channel when it tried to start recording. Today in my channel rescan of Hulu, CBS disappeared I figured they took it down because of some problem.

Can I add Paramount+ to channels and will CBS then show up? Thanks.

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No. Paramount+ does not use TVE to authenticate.

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Oh well, thanks.