Lost more than 50% of TVE channels

I am running DVR version 2020.10.15.2020 on android TV with players Alpha 8.17.2154 and Beta 9.2.2339 but I think the problem occurred before the 2020.10.14.009 upgrade. I've lost over half of my TVE channels and tuners are very slow to load channels. I have 3 sources available: DirecTV, Dish, and Xfinity. For all three sources, majority of channels are not showing up in the list of channels. DirecTV went from around 150 to 63. When I click to rescan it takes hours to scan a source.

Anyone else have this issue?

To scan you should click the Edit button at the top right and scan one channel at a time.

You can look at the Log tab to see if there is some sort of error.

Or you can submit diagnostics via the Support tab and email [email protected]

Thanks. click the edit button and the majority of the channels say "chrome auth_timed_out". When I click Rescan, it scans and shows the same error. I have disabled and enabled the DVR a few times.

You can try removing and readding. It should show the error screenshot

I ran into a similar issue recently with Hulu and I had to delete the source and re-add it to fix the issue