Lost NBC TVE Channel

I use to be able to get NBC thru Channels via TVE. But now is no longer available. I can get CBS and ABC, Which I didn't use to till recently I have verified my credential on nbc.com and can stream all available content.

Perhaps the individual channel needs a rescan by editing your tve lineup and manually rescanning the one channel.

The Channel no longer appears. I'm not sure when I lost it but only noticed it after the fall of Locast. NBC use to be the only one I could get but now no longer. ABC and CBS suddenly appeared a month or two ago.

Try updating to the latest DVR server pre-release and if that doesn't fix it then remove and re-add your TVE source. If that fails, submit diagnostics from the dvr web UI.

Already updated and deleted source and don't want to delete again.

Discovery channels are still an issue with spectrum. Besides the Experimental toggle already does the load and rescan for local channels. Deleted and readding the source should not be necessary. This is the same on other instances of Channels DVR running on servers.

Thanks, didn't realize that. Have you submitted diagnostics?
My Experimental locals have been much more reliable than my Beta Discovery channels!

I investigated and figured out the issue. Apparently I logged on my Channels DVR through a VPN when I had locast. When I logged out and logged in again on nbc.com with VPN turned off, NBC TVE appeared after toggling the TVE experimental toggle setting.


So, CBS. Any reason I don't get it, is it based on market?

If you can login with your provider credentials you should get the TVE Channel.

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I think this pretty much seals the deal with dropping Xfinity.