Lost remote access to streams

HI I lost remote access to the streams a while back and finally getting time to take a look at the forum. Away from home (remote) I can still access the channel guide. start or stop recording but all videos from different tuners or web channels do not show up.
My port is not being blocked I checked with the website referenced again and again in similar posts. I have logged out of the app, uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted the server, double checked the port is manually set to 8089, changed from manual to automatic back and forth, stood on my head, prayed to the tv gods, but nothing seems to get the streams to work. I can even see the server config page remotely but streams time out..... I have read nearly all of the posts and I think an admin needs to fix something on their side that solved one dudes similar/same issue.

I don't think there is anything I can do on my side to fix this?

I did not make any changes and this issue stopped when I checked today. I think a Channels update happened but can't trouble shoot any deeper. IDK