Lost virtual channels and movies in app version 5.4.2

hi all saw app update installed it and now my virtual channels have gone ie dont show up under sources
(any where) also my movies for local content have gone (ie movie tab says no movies available) ;Tv shows via local content is there and working. Also the pre release dvr show's every think and is working , strange huh this is only since the app store update on apple tv; funny thing is my nvidia shield is ok movies, virtual channels everthink working as is , no way to revert back on this apple tv

That's strange. Can you try rebooting the Apple TV

makes no differents sorry to say thank for the reply

Please click Settings > Support > Submit in the app

okie dokie all done

just found some more info i signed into the shield dvr server then signed out , then i signed into the pc dvr server which is my master dvr the movies tab showed my local content movies and sources showed virtual channels then i proceeded and shut the channels app down and reloaded it you know where it says prepairing your tv (well on the lines off that) when its loaded movies tab show's nothing no movies added sources dont show virtual channels so (maybe looks like a bug in connections) oh forgot to mention as i enter the ip of server it times out saying server cant be reached but in the blured background its connected

any news?/

Can you submit diagnostics from the dvr web UI

Are you using any m3u sources? One of them may have an incorrect image url

I think it's one of the logos on your virtual channels causing the issue

The error message we see is:

Input URL string \GAMING-PC\Movies\3 10 to Yuma (2007)\310 to Yuma (2007).Mkv was malformed

Strange thing like i mention on app version 5.4.1 all was working only since app version 5.4.2 this problem and the shield is on latest beta and connected to the latest pre release dvr server like the apple tv version and shield works awesome no issuses so them issuse myou mention i dare say would also tranfer to shield and that would have same issues... is there any way i can go back to the 5.4.1 app version??
ps . no im not using any m3u sources

You can get older builds from TestFlight via getchannels.com/beta

Please submit diagnostics from your dvr web UI under Support > Troubleshooting

Okay we were able to find the issue. You have some strm imports which are causing problems.

The bug is fixed in next TestFlight beta version

so how do i go about getting this beta i only have this apple tv unit no other apple stuff , windows 10 pc and android tv shield thanks for the help thumbs up too your team

Check your email for an invite from apple

Many thanks for help and the beta version all works now two thumbs up

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