Lots of force closes on Beta 2.0.5 (UK SHIELD)

Running 2.0.5 beta & often when skipping a recording, playback will freeze, app becomes unresponsive & after a few seconds it will force close, I can open the app again but no Live TV channels start & trying to watch a recording closes the app again. Only way to resolve is to reboot Shield but it’ll happen again after a few hours.

I have submitted diagnostics from app

DVR is running on my Synology NAS, I prefer to keep it there so Shield reboots don’t interrupt DVR activities


Do you mean skipping part of a recording? E.g.: Commercials or some other portion of a recording?

Yes, skipping part of a recording, sometimes during commercials, other times the program.

Can you try with beta v126?

Thanks for rapid response, just installed & will report back

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Just froze playback whilst skipping again but this time it didn’t force close & I was able to go back & reopen the show & resume playback. Have submitted diagnostics again

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Another observation, if I long hold for fast skipping, the playback banner doesn't auto-close, it does if I just use quick repeated taps. ALso with long hold, if I FF & RW, the arrows remain for both

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Thanks for the detailed tests and bug reports. Screenshots are extremely helpful!

I’ve uploaded beta v127 with fixes for the UI inconsistencies, as well as the playback freezing issue.

Any luck?

It’s been working a treat for the last few hours, fantastic job, thanks for being so responsive & resolving quickly, major kudos to you

PS. A couple more unrelated minor observations, with the TV guide, if there’s a show that’s on for a long duration, filling up the width of the guide in view, you cannot scroll right, you have to move to another channel line then scroll

The other is the channel view on Shield Oreo homepage, the on now list has progress bars for live shows only. Would be great to have that for all shows. (Sorry, that one more a wish-list than bug)

Thanks again for amazing support

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Quick update, it has been rock-solid apart from 1 show that still frequently exhibits the freezing & requiring reboot. This Morning on ITV HD, it’s happened on 3 different episodes. I’ve submitted diagnostics again, is there anything else I can provide to assist, would a link to download the episode be useful so you can try yourself?

I’ll also record a few more shows on the same channel to see if it’s an issue with the channel itself

PS. Am I posting in the right section as it seems odd there are no other user topics here?

Just wanted to check

If you can send me one of the recordings to [email protected] that would be very helpful.

Will do but my wife has decided to have a clear-up so the problem recordings are gone. I’ll send as soon as I get another

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Recorded about 6 on the problem channel ITV HD, all played fine apart from one that wouldn’t even open, as soon as I selected it, the app crashed. It plays fine on the DVR web interface. I submitted diagnostics about 20min ago & have shared a one drive link to the file. Hope it helps

Edit: I never had to reboot this time, just re-open the app & I could play anything else


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Installed 128 this-morning, the above issue remains but another has cropped up on a show recorded last night

App crashes whenever I select the episode from within the app but I am able to play it directly from the Shield home screen (Up Next Channel)

I’ve submitted diagnostics & uploaded file to same One Drive folder I’ve already shared, this show is “TOTP 2 2002 70s Special 2018-08-10-2114”


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Just updated to 129 & the problem recordings playback fine now.

Thank you so much, can’t believe how quick you get it sorted, major kudos to you. Best developer assistance I’ve ever experienced

PS. I also note that radio recordings (audio only) playback ok now too, was about to report that before this update

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Has this happened again?

How about this recording, does it still fail to start?

1st item, that show isn’t on again until Monday, will check then, but no issues now with shows on same or any other channel so far

2nd item, starts just fine now

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Quick uodate, getting occasional freeze when fast forwarding/rewinding on “TOTP 2 2002 70s Special 2018-08-10-2114”, again requiring reboot to play anything again. This was one that wouldn’t open before

I can’t get it to freeze all the time but have done twice now & submitted diagnostics on both occasions, 1st at about 2am & more recently a couple of hours ago