Lots of loss frames on Apple TV 4

Watching HD channels (NBC) with Apple TV 4 from HD HomeRun Prime (Verizon Fios) with wired connection looses lots of frames, and gets behind timeline.
The connection is solid. I switched to the Plex app to compare and it was smooth.
I tried changing to the experimental video player with same results.
On another Apple TV 4K (1st gen), same channel over WiFi there were no problems.

This is a known issue with the Apple TV HD and tvOS 15.1. Work has been happening for a while. You can get the beta to have better results. We hope to release a fix publicly soon.


Thanks for your work on this issue.
I since updated Channels. The release notes indicate that this was addressed but I still see this problem persists.

Are you using tvOS 15.2?

I can confirm that 15.2 has cleared up my issues with dropped frames and studder. Some TVE channels used to look very choppy like they were in 24fps but are now very smooth. Overall latest beta and 15.2 together are running very stable.

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I was using tvOS 15.1.1, but then upgraded to 15.2 and it does work a lot better.