M1 Macbook Air Channels App

Just wanted to share that I was able to load the Channels Whole Home DVR app on the new MacBook air with the new M1 chip and it works flawlessly. I have attached a few screen shots.

Also sorry admin, not sure which category to list this in.


OK OK, this is the news that pushed me over the edge! Looks like I'll be getting an M1 MacBook Pro soon. Amazing!

Presume no full screen?

Does it have keyboard navigation ?

My guess and hope is that clicking the green dot in the top left of the window will make it go full screen, like any other Mac app. Fingers crossed!

This is extremely unofficial and our apps are not available from the App Store for Apple Silicon computers.

He sideloaded the app. I just want to make sure no one makes large financial decisions on this.

We will probably make them available, but not before we try it out and make our own decision on if they should be running on macOS like this.

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Full screen works.

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Be great if you did, a bunch of us have been asking for Channels on macOS, this could be the way to finally do it, for Apple Silicon machines at least, given that Catalyst was a false start and didn't seem to go anywhere much?